South African Wine Tasting Competition 2014 at Hilton in Cape Town

For the 2nd year running, the SAWTC took place at the Hilton in Cape Town - with just over 200 participants putting their taste buds to the test. They were presented with 50 wines - sighted, and could take notes and go through them slowly. They then went through to another room - where they could take their notes with them - and were presented with 5 white wines and 5 red wines. Much chatter and laughter ensued - with some taking it very seriously and some getting a little overwhelmed by the process! We look forward to the results soon. We put some of our team to the test - with Letitia Barlow, Ruaan Spence and Duplessis van Aswegen giving the wines (and their taste buds) a good run. Good luck to them all. The winners will be announced soon and they will be taken to France in October to participate in the World Blind Champs in Champagne.. a great prize!