Darling Wine Shop visit

One of the joys of being in the wine world is that I get to experience such totally different natural phenonema. From steep mountainous valleys to flat fields of wheat and long hills of vineyards stretching out. In a recent quick drive up to Langebaan, we drove through Darling and popped in at Charles Withington's lovely Darling Wine Shop. Not only can you find all the local wines of the area, but also an interesting brandy, unfiltered olive oil (yum!) and of course Charles' inimitable charm. Charles chased us down the road after we left to give us a mystery bottle of his wine - which we just opened it this last weekend. A light buttery Chardonnay - and surprisingly floral. Thanks Charles! If you are anywhere near Darling, make sure you stop in to see what he has on offer! The butcher on the corner nearby is not to bad either - scrummy biltong for the road!