Vergenoegd launches Waterbird Sanctuary

Water is a most precious commodity and we really do need to make every effort, especially in the agricultural sector - so take care of this essential item of our lives. Vergenoegd has been in the Faure family for 6 generations, and I was saddened to hear that it has been sold. Another family farm gone to a larger corporation, this time a German investor. John Faure has been taking care of Vergenoegd for over 30 years and his commitment to doing the right thing is evident in the natural way he uses ducks to keep the snails out of the vineyards, instead of using poisons. He has also made sure that the waste water from the cellar is as clean as possible, and now taking that further with a collaborative Pilot Project with NCC, BWI, Working for Water, and others. They have created floating islands, whose roots absorb the toxins and purify the water.