Agri's Got Talent 2015 Finals at the NH Lord Charles

What a great evening.. We were invited to attend the finals of the Agri's Got Talent last week and there were 11 performers of note who normally would be packing fruit and working on farms. The 11 finalists spent last week honing their skills. Frieda van der Heever is a tiny bundle of talent and heart, who took those finalists and really ensured that they had the skill to stand up in front of a fairly large audience and really belt it out! We were treated to two songs per performer and wow! We were up and dancing! The Winner was Armando Baartman from Saratoga Vrugte in Robertson, with Erien Smith in 2nd place from Graff Vrugte in Ceres and Rayline Booysen in 2nd place, from Rhodes Fruit Food in Tulbagh.