First SASA Sommelier exam in South Africa

The first SASA endorsed and organised Sommelier qualification in SA (in Africa!) was taken by a number of candidates. Tues 29 March saw 4 of the candidates doing their exams, which incorporated a blind tasting, some theory and also a practical component where they are asked to pair a set menu with their own wines, as well as opening a bottle of bubble and decanting older red wine. They were tested on the menu and food items as well, which is a very important aspect of being a sommelier - as it is not just about the wine! The participants were; Luke Erickson from Balthazar, Ralph Reynolds from Guts & Gizzards, Job Jovo from Grand Roche and Spencer Fondaumiere from Burrata. The adjudicators were SASA Chairman Higgo Jacobs and board member Joakim Hansi Blackadder, with SASA members Elizma Myburgh & Jean Vincent Ridon also acting as role players.. The results will be announced on Friday 8th April. Thanks to Open Door Restaurant - for hosting the exam.