Jordan relaunches bakery

The Jordans seem to have no end of energy, and not only have they taken on a restaurant on the farm - very ably run and managed by George Jardine, added a restaurant in London - viz High Timber, built a number of luxury suites, and now also bought a game farm (apparently Kathy's 50th birthday prezzie), and now they have also taken on the running of their bakery from George Jardine. And I believe a travel agency is on the cards too and possibly another restaurant in London.. they just don't stop! I had wondered what the baker could showcase but the menu blew us away with a range of delicious burgers, battered fish in the Den Anker beer on tap, beautiful 3-times cooked chips to die for, as well as all of these done in delicious gluten-free options too! The pressed winter veggies lasagne with nasturtium pesto was a real hit! So now you can go and have a simple but really fabulous meal on the deck which doesn't break the bank and comes with a stunning view of Stellies across the valley.