Cap Classique Technical Seminar - July 2016

The Cap Classique Association has been hosting their Technical Seminars every 2 years for a while now.  I attended the first day and I thought it would be well over my head.  But I was surprised to find it accessible (mostly!) and interesting.  There was a food and bubbles pairing prepared by Bertus Basson and Higgo Jacobs, and I loved their match of the Umami flavours with the Villiera Monro Brut.  We were treated to two glasses of bubbles - one without and one that had been inoculated with a Mannaprotein which definitely was above my head!  There was a marginal difference, as it is supposed to improve the aroma.

Most interesting were the new glasses developed by Lehmann Glass in France, alongside Phillipe Jamesse - which are not fluted and are supposed to make the bubbles smaller and add all sort of finesse!  I must say, I had a cold and that will be my excuse for not really noticing that much difference!