Diners Club WineList awards for 2016

It is definitely awards season... as we have had 4 awards functions just this last week!  The Diners Club Winelist awards are very relevant and critic and restaurant reviewer and driver of the Diners Club Award -  JP Rossouw had this to say to restaurants:  Try to offer more interesting wines by the glass (not necessarily tons of them - but a good selection), keep the story of the wine as personalised as you can. Consider how the wines match your own food - don't just use a generic tasting note from the winery.  Consider using wines with personality and talk about them in the wine list.  In future Diamond awards will be awarded to winelists using vintages of wines specifically.  A warning from JP - do not talk about an award that does not refer to the specific vintage you have at the restaurant.

With 22 million Diners Club locations it makes sense to take JP's advice seriously!