#WFConf2016 - Wine & Food Business Conference - 2 Nov 2016

The 2nd day of The Business of Food & Wine Conference was packed with lots of useful info. We learned from Meiningers Felicity Carter's input on Russia, Australia and the USA - Be honest about what you offer, train your staff and look at other world class areas. Australia has shifted their Wine Tourism because they all stood together behind their Restaurant Campaign, but this cost $50! WOSA's annual budget is I think less than that in Rands!  So not cheap.  We were all inspired by the very creative execution of Eat&Design guru Caro de Waal, showing what innovation experiences can be had if you apply your mind creatively!  Watch out for the next Spier Secret Festival!  Peter McAtamney whizzed through tons of figures from all over the world around Direct sales. Wine Clubs and talking to  your customer are the way to go.  Online Sales are dead.  Jonathan Steyn showed the benefits of Urban Wine tourism, JP Rossouw discussed South African Cuisine and his view is that our top restaurants have not yet shown off a South African food much. There is plenty of scope here. Food is such a major drawcard - Master Chef in Australia seemed to shift Wine Sales in Australia according to Peter McAtamney from Wine Business Solutions.  Digital Marketing had a bumper crowd at their session. More later.  Well done to the organisers.. and to Spier for hosting such an efficient conference with interesting speakers. The major message is Train your staff and collaborate!