Cape Town Launch - 2017 Cape Legends Inter Hotel Challenge at The Vineyard

There are 29 hotels around South Africa participating in the 2017 Cape Legends Inter Hotel Challenge organised by Annette Kesler & Chania Morritt-Smith of Showcook.  So many that there need to be 2 launches of this 'Hotel Oscars' - the first at The Lord Charles and the 2nd at The Vineyard Hotel.  The competition is about education and training and improving the hospitality industry in South Africa. With Tourism being a major contributor to our GDP - this is a very worthwhile and necessary program.  Each hotel participating puts forward a wine steward and a young chef - who then take part in a number of activities during the year - including an Information Day where they learn about interesting and useful products, the launches (this one is one of them) and then a number of training days where they are exposed to wine, food and hospitality educational programs and cook-offs, with the the finals later in the year.  The prizes for this competition are extensive, including international travel, kitchen products, food products and more - by the very generous sponsors Distell, Kitchen Aid, Rio Largo, Cape Wine Academy and many more.