A Taste of Paarl

A misty entrance to the beautiful town of Paarl, the town with the longest main road in the country... which was surprisingly warm. Well, not so much for those familiar with Paarl.

But this is my first visit to Paarl, so though elsewhere in Western Cape was cold, I hadn't expected it to be different for Paarl. The mist added mystery to the scenery of the town and I was enchanted. But I digress - I just want to share a beautiful experience of our outing on the 25th May with beautiful company in fitting environments.

A hearty breakfast at Kikka, where the food is made with mostly organic products for the health-concious, started off the day. Then we headed off to Pearl Mountain Wines and received some more warm hospitality - gorgeous wines, canapés and very charming hosts - who challenged us to a blending and label competition.

The Paarl Media day was organised by Christel Liebenberg of Peridot Communications, whose team won the competition in the blending category and Jon Meinking's team won the label category - ah well, it didnt put a damper on our spirits, and we were happy to move on to Spice Route for some lunch and chocolate tasting to finish off the day.