Monday at Spioenkop with Koen Roose

We really are feeling the drought in the Western Cape, but when it means you get a magnificent day out in the winelands with a passionate wine-maker in Elgin, then it almost feels worth it!
Koen Roose bought Spioenkop in the early 2000's, and proceeded to plant a variety of cultivars on the very high hills - Sauvignon Blanc, Pinotage, Pinot Noir, Chenin, Chardonnay, and Riesling.  He has been making wine under the  '1900' label where he brings in grapes from elsewhere, and this was worked really well with his 1900 Chenin hitting the 5-star Platter rating.  The wines from Spioenkop are older now and he was very proud to present his Spioenkop Sarah Raal Chenin and Johanna Brandt Chenin - each from different vineyards high up on the hill, on different soil types.  My erudite lunch companions & I were very impressed by the Sarah Raal Chenin and also his Pinotage, which was surprisingly light.

Koen is funny, dynamic, incredibly passionate, does things differently, and is making fine wines for fine dining.  After a beautiful walk through the vineyards which had virtually no leaves, we enjoyed his wines paired with a fabulous delicious lunch prepared by Sebastian Beaumont's wife, Nicky - who owns Zest Catering.  Wow!
Koen was not expecting us to be so demanding, but the group of serious tasters wanted to taste his Riesling as well, and the resounding mmmm's said it all.