Keeping it simple at Chefs

I love food and cooking and providing for others, and I am often asked when I will start my own restaurant.  If I ever did - it will be along similar lines as Jenny Ward, co-owner and chef at Chefs Cape Town, has done for her restaurant on the corner of Hatfield and Vrede Street in Cape Town, just behind the Jewish Museum and National Gallery.

Jenny keeps it really simple - and only has 3 foodie choices on the menu (plus a dessert) - and the menu changes daily (perhaps this is where I would stick with something for the week!).
They have developed a very beautiful website which has the choices of the day and you can sign up to their Daily Menu online - so that you are always informed as to what is on for the day.
There are no waiters, and as the name suggests, only have chefs - and there are quite a few of them who bring the food to your table.  Jenny and her chefs cook using a wood-fired oven like a pizza oven, and there is an open kitchen to see the chefs at work.

I had lunch at Chefs with my daughter in the week, and we specifically chose different options so that we could taste as many of the flavours as possible.
I had the buttermilk fried chicken with their famous sweet potato chips (really yum) and Leila had the linefish which was accompanied by all sorts of interesting things.

The food is relatively pricey I thought - my chicken was R150 and the fish R170, and it is presented in a tray/diner style plate - with smaller plates/bowls on the tray.  I must say that the food on the website is so very beautifully styled and I think it loses a bit of its attraction being on the trays.  I think it is just a matter of expectation.  The website is really really beautiful, but the actual presentation does not match the gorgeous styled look - even though it still looks good.

The aesthetic of the venue is cool and very New York (not that I have been there but I get the feeling) - and I thought it would be chilly on a wintry day but there were heaters and the vibe was fun and relaxed and we really enjoyed it. I even shared a dessert which was slightly tart and interesting (Leila says it described me!) - and had a really superb coffee.

They have a very small wine list - keeping it ineresting but simple too. The wines change often and they have some unusual choices from the more boutique producers, like Miles Mossop, Quando, Alphabetical (I had not heard of them) and Almenkerk.
So if you want your wine in an interesting and funky restaurant - pop in to see Jenny!

Photo Credit: Leila Kidson