Compagniesdrift crosses the mentorship Rubicon

Ilse Ruthford, the Managing Director of Compagniesdrift, was previously an admin worker at Meerlust for six years, and is being mentored for her management role by Hannes Myburgh, propietor of Meerlust Estate, and Albie de Waal, Managing Director of Meerlust.The ripple effects of growth are felt in other ways. Bernadette, a fellow cellar worker moved into the admin department and currently leads as the head of admin and logistics at Compagniesdrift.

While Ilse is gaining additional skills through her studies, the Myburgh Family Trust has partnered on a sustainability project in service to the children of Stellenbosch. Around 60 of the children who are being supported by the Myburgh Family Trust, have been enrolled in a Spark School, in partnership with the Sustainability Institute, Lynedoch. Hannes says that the first point of the business is viability, but emphasises that it’s important for farmworkers to uplift and skill themselves.