The Garagiste movement gets a Jump-start

The Garagiste movement started many years ago and Tanja Beutler almost single-handedly managed to keep it afloat.  Over the last few years there have been a few attempts to resuscitate it and recently the committee seems to be making some inroads to putting the movement back in the limelight.
Callan Wiliams invited me to attend their Jump-Start on Friday 4th August at Uitkyk, and on initial arrival, it seemed very quiet, but eventually I discovered a lively bunch in the tasting room, sharing their wines and experiences.  Callan's wine is the very trendy-looking Garajeest wine and the MC for the night (and committee member) was Quint Cutler of Domaine Coutelier in the Devon Valley.
The evening was an opportunity for Garagistes and wine enthusiasts to meet and also to listen to Miles Mossop & Rudi Schultz talk about their experiences, as they both work at top wineries (Tokara & neighbour Thelema respectively) and have started their own successful wine labels.  They are fortunate that their day jobs have facilitated the growth of their own brands and Miles will be leaving Tokara at the end of the 2018 harvest to work on his brand full time.

Many of the Garagistes make wine just for themselves and for fun - and really just need a community to share stories and find friends who can lend them a bakkie or a barrel.
We wish them the very best!