Steenberg launches new wine range

Spring sprung and it was a perfect day to launch of the new super-premium Fleet range by Steenberg - held at their Bistro Sixteen82. The new buds on the vines were just showing their faces!

It was a launch with a difference in fact - being welcomed by 2 lovely lads dressed in their fancy sailing regalia!
We were also given a bit of a history lesson by the animated historian Chris Taylor, who brought along his own seriously heavy canon ball, weighing a good 24 pounds!  He took us through the Battle of Muizenberg, as the new wines are named after 3 of the tall ships which the Brits sailed in on, to defeat the Dutch, in 1795. The Dutch did not really stand a chance - being outnumbered 6 to 1!
It seems it was this battle in fact which really put pay to the Dutch controlling the Cape, and thanks to this battle, we speak English in South Africa and not Dutch! 

There are 3 wines in the range, The Ruby - a fresh, easy-drinking delicious Rosé, (a Syrah & Cinsault blend), a Chardonnay (from the Robertson area) - called Sphynx and then a strong red - a Cabernet/Shiraz blend, called Stately, which was very well matched with very tender delicious venison.  Chef Kerry Kilpin pulled out the stops with beautiful and delicious canapés. Each course was matched with one of the new wines, and the dessert was matched by their bottle-fermented Sauvignon Blanc, which was my favourite.  Not usually a dessert fan - but the Italian meringue, lemon curd, strawberry salad, hibiscus ice cream - was just tarty enough to match the sherbet of the bubble perfectly.
Delicious, and bright and pure Spring!

The colour of the Rosé is just perfect pink - and is my favourite of the 3 new wines.

Thank you to Steenberg for such a memorable lunch and launch!