Longridge: A day in the shoes of a Winemaker

Media and industry were treated to learn about and walk the biodynamic vineyards of Longridge Wine Estate. Winemaker Jasper Raats gave insight into their farming methods, showing that healthy soil makes for healthy vineyards that can produce quality wines. 

It was a refreshing day spent in the vineyards, witnessing the success of this award-winning estate's holistic approach to farming - with hands digging into the moist soil. Thanks to various measures put in place, Longridge is trying to stay ahead of the drought with bark, woodchips and sawdust covering the vineyards and locking in 30% more water than vineyards without it. The Nguni cattle, Marsala the trusty steed of Jasper Raats, the compost and vegetable gardens on this estate reminds one of the circle of life, with everyone and everything working together to produce good wines and good food.

A tour of the cellar by Hendrien de Munck was followed by a tasting of the etstate's wine ranges; the easy-drinking Konkelberg, the Jasper Raats Single Vineyard range to the Premium Range and ending with the Ekliptika from the Ultra-Premium Range. This tasting was full of highlights, The Emily, Longridge's Chardonnay Pinot Noir being one of them. This wine has become a huge success, with American importers calling it 'liquid crack".