Being inspired by fynbos at La Motte's Pierneef restaurant

I have always been a Sarah Graham fan, so to experience a lunch prepared by her and Pierneef Chef Michelle Theron, was a wonderful treat and not to be missed.

Hannelie and Hein Koelenberg like to celebrate Spring with style and their fynbos-inspired lunch really highlighted the flavours and aromas of our natural habitat.
Pietie le Roux, the La Motte viticulturist and gardener, takes great pride in providing the restaurant with a wonderful organic garden, which the chefs happily plunder, collecting their herbs and veggies for the day.
The Spring menu started us off with an Ode to Bread - a delight!
Mosbolletjies, which is a flavour which takes me back to my childhood and holidays, followed by a fragrant seafood curry with lavendar, also a melt-in-the-mouth sout lamb-ribbetjie, pulled lamb belly and marrow...  just sublime.

We also enjoyed both their 2016 and their just-bottled 2017 Sauvignon Blanc, which was flinty, fresh and just danced on the tongue, as well as their delicious Straw Wine.