Le Lude

Over the past 5 years Nic and Ferda Barrow planted grape varieties dedicated to making only the best Cap Classique. Le Lude’s first harvest took place in 2012.

Their dream has now come to fruition with the launch of the Le Lude Brut NV and Rosé NV. What a sparkling way to make a beginning. These Cap Classiques are made by Paul Gerber who's love for bubbly led him to several internships in Germany, Italy, Champagne and South Africa and ultimately to joining the Le Lude team in 2011. 

An exciting break from the typical Cape style of MCC wines is Le Lude’s use of the Agrafe cork during secondary fermentation.
The use of this cork reverts back to the traditional use of cork for the 2nd fermentation of Champagne and is still used today by many of the best Champagne houses including, Bollinger and Veuve Clicquot.
Maturation on the cork imparts texture and aroma complexity to the wines that give a fuller more integrated profile.

The Le Lude Brut NV and Le Lude Rosé NV is the beginning of a range of Le Lude Cap Classiques, which are based on the traditional champenoise wine styles.