2018 Cape Wine Master Graduation event held at KWV

There are now 101 Cape Wine Masters, and this year's graduation ceremony saw only one graduate, viz Harry Melck, who has many business interests including a share in a restaurant chain in London called Roxies. He is on a mission to be the most knowledgeable person on South African Wine, and his Cape Wine Master graduation is testament to his passion.
The ceremony was held in the fabulous Cathedral Cellar at KWV, who hosted us to a tasting before the event of some of their oldest wines.  Wim Truter, chief winemaker at KWV took us through the tasting - very special!
KWV is celebrating their centenary this year - having been established in 1918 - just as World War 1 ended.

Congratulations to Harry - who likened himself to a dalmation - being Number 101!