Winetech Senior Cellar Assistant Workshop: The Microbiology of Wine

Winetech recently presented a workshop for senior cellar assistants at Elsenburg. Thirty seven senior cellar assistants, who have passed WTSA SKOP 3 successfully, attended a workshop, to learn more about the microbiology of wine. Charl Theron was the facilitator for the session.

Cellar assistants heard more about the micro flora of wine; the origin of micro flora; the influence of micro-organisms on the quality of wine and methods to prevent or manage undesirable micro-organisms.

The participants had the opportunity to visit the Elsenburg laboratory and to observe yeast cells through a microscope. In September the participants will attend a tasting workshop, which will be hosted by Antonij Rupert Wines. During this session they will learn more about the influence of terroir on the quality of wines.