Rootstock #SAWineLegends - June 2018

The South African Wine industry has plenty of legends, and 3 of them gathered to speak to the Rootstock Forum at the Vinpro offices in Paarl on Wed June 13th, 2018.
Beyers Truter (King of Pinotage) of Beyerskloof - was also celebrating 30 years of Beyerskloof - joined Duimpie Bayly who studied at UC Davis and spent his career at SFW and was very involved in the creation of Lieberstein - which in fact was the biggest bottled wine brand in the world in 1964, and Alvi's Drift founder Bertie van der Merwe.

There were plenty of stories of their youth, and it is clear is that the SA Wine Industry needs to be bold and confident and stop exporting bulk wine under the Wine of Origin scheme certification, as it just drags down the name of SA Wine.
We make excellent wines, have innovative winemakers and farmers and we need to carry on with what we are doing to ensure we do take centre stage in the world of wine.