Winetech 2018 Study Groups 1 & 2 - Vredendal

Afrikaans and Xhosa cellar assistants from Namaqua Wines, Lutzville Vineyards, Klawer Wine Cellars and Stellar Organics recently attended the Winetech study group 1 and 2 in Vredendal.  

Cellar hygiene was discussed during the first study group and aspects such as what is cellar hygiene; why is this important, as well as the different cleaning agents and equipment were included.

Wine stability was the subject of the second Winetech study group and aspects such as what is wine stability; why this is important for the consumer; the different wine stabilities and the different stabilisation methods and equipment were discussed.

The attendees also had the opportunity to compare 2 faulty wines with a control wine.

The 3rd Winetech Afrikaans and Xhosa study groups will be presented on 4 September in Vredendal. Bottling will be the topic of this study group.