Ayama Stone Mill - a uniquely hand-crafted jewel.

We dreamt about our own flour and semolina to make proper pasta and pizza, and it was- step by step, a long term project. We looked for Durum seeds and successfully found them in the Free State (and only this part of the project is a long/fun chapter of our South African life). 2 years later, after many adventurous episodes later, we decided to have our own STONE MILL, a piece of art, a combination of pristinely handcrafted wood and perfect mechanics. It is our Jewel which will be working in a special room, THE AYAMA MILL, housed in the veranda, opposite the shop. Big glass windows puts the mill on display for all Aymafanatics, allowing everybody to experience the magic of the mill. From the 8th of September, and only at AYAMA, will you be able to buy Durum, Manitoba and other old Italian wheat varieties, freshly milled to flour, semolina, whole-wheat. 
In conjunction with Dell'Amore, special breads like focaccia, grissini and schiacciatine, will be available for you to buy taking home with you the scents of an Italian bakery. But if you buy the flour/semolina, then you will be your own Italian bakery. 
AYAMA MILL motto reads: Have fun, taste and play.