Proudly flying the South African flag celebrating our top brandies

South African Brandy is taking centre stage with all the international awards that it is accumulating.  And not just the top end brandies but across the spectrum.
I attended a wonderful lunch at Marigold in Franschhoek on Thurs 30 August to celebrate with the Brandy Foundation, BLACC (Black Cellar Club) member, sommeliers, chefs and a few media.
What an incredible menu generously prepared by chef Vanie Padayachee and well matched with the various brandies.  We started with a 2 cocktails which were very different - one quite sweet and another very strong - but both refreshing and delicious.  Just to prove that there are many ways brandy can be enjoyed - and certainly not needed to be brannewyn & coke!

Internationally the ISC (International Spirits Challenge) and the IWSC (International Wine & Spirit Competition) continue to recognise South African Brandies and we consistently win more medals for our brandy that all the other countries combined.  We have been The Best Brandy Producer for many years, and this year alone the 51 IWSC medals awarded were for brandies.  Distell even claimed the trophy for the Best Cognac - beating even the French. 
The ISC awarded KWV the Best Brandy Producer - not too shabby an award considering all the other countries who participate.

Do yourself a favour and visit Marigolds for their incredible food - our best was the deep fried spinach, changing even the serious meat eaters to consider being vegetarian.  The brandy and the spicy foods married really well.
The outstanding meal was well rounded off with a ''broffie'' - a good South African term for a Brandy & Coffee!  Lekker it was too!

Congrats to all the award-winning producers - KWV, Distell, Van Ryns, Joseph Barry, Richelieu, Oude Molen and more - we need to give them all the kudos they deserve.