Roundhouse new restaurant Salsify sports new chef Ryan Cole

The Roundhouse restaurant in Camps Bay, owned by former springbok rugby player Ray Mordt has undergone a makeover - at the hands of Luke Dale Roberts' talented wife, Sandaleen. Renamed Salsify (pronounced Sal-suh-fee after a root vegetable), it is now run by The Test Kitchen (TTK) owner Luke Dale-Roberts, who has put his chef Ryan Cole in charge.  Ryan has worked in many Michelin star restaurants and is very excited about his new challenge. 

I attended the media launch on Friday 12th Oct alongside the rest of Cape Town's who's who in the food and media world.
Governor Lord Charles Somerset did his hunting in the area and used the Roundhouse as his lodge and befriended Dr James Barry, who was the then Governer's physician. Famously Dr Barry disguised herself as a man for his/her professional life.  The artwork in the little lounge and in the circular centre - are inspired by Lord Somerset's relationship with Dr Barry - with avant-garde graffiti produced by international street artist Louis de Villiers, AKA Skull Boy and the impressive male/female statue by sculptor Otto du Plessis in the centre of the Roundhouse representing the duality of gender. 
A little surprise next to the lounge is the new selfie-room - a tiny triangular room with bright lights and a massive mirror!

The new look upper deck Salsify at Roundhouse also has a new leather room - floor to ceiling brown leather walls!  As it was Lord Somerset's hunting lodge, seems rather appropriate. 

We were treated to a menu which looked relatively simple, but each course had a lengthy description and story. We were impressed by the waiting staff remembering all the detail, clearly they were well trained - and most patient and hospitable..  When the kitchen staff came out later to instant applause - I could see how they managed to put so much detail into each plate - there were so many of them - I cannot imagine how they all fitted into the tiny kitchen!

The restaurant is opening officially on Tuesday 16th Oct - and bookings are to be made telephonically only. Call 021 010 6444 between 08:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday and Saturday between 09:00 – 17:00, so get your fingers ready!