Launching talent into the winelands - another moving graduation ceremony of the PYDA

The Pinotage Youth Development Academy (PYDA) is one of the most effective change agents in the winelands.  Their 12-month Wine Tourism course offers youth a valuable opportunity to take skills on board to enter the working environment with confidence.
The graduation ceremony is always such an emotional event, as it illustrates the intensity of the program, the discipline, heart and soul which goes into it, and also how much the entire family of each student is involved. 
This year 49 students graduated, 60% of whom already have jobs to go to.
We are delighted at to have appointed one of the graduates in our learnership program, where we offer a year's position annually to a deserving graduate.  We had Jamie-Lee Appolis do a month's work placement at our offices and she impressed us so much that we had no hesitation to appoint her to our team for the first year's learnership.

If you are looking for staff for your organisation - look no further, these young people are passionate, determined, talented and I have no doubt they will add great value to your business.
And again this year, the shoes were very impressive - but the lads were not far behind - showing off their funky socks!