Villiera Chocolate and MCC Pairing

The Chocolatiers did taste all of our bubblies and specially created chocolates to match the flavours they found and then we tasted them and made further changes.  So these chocolates, shapes and flavours and 100% unique to Villiera and match only our Cap Classiques.

The one that pairs with the Domaine Grier is in a croissant shape to add a touch of French humour.

@R120 per person – by appointment only (mainly to keep to small, fresh batches of chocolates)

All the lovely My Sugar chocolates are hand painted and handcrafted in small batches using the finest Belgian coverture chocolate.

Pairing details below:

Domaine Grier Brut paired with Cashew Coconut & Strawberry in Milk chocolate

A play on the classic peanut butter and jam sandwich.

Made using roasted cashew nuts which are ground in house. The added toasted coconut adds a dimension and texture to the flavour. 

The strawberry Pate de fruit is like a lightly set jam using pectin.

We use fresh local strawberries which are reduced and set into a jam like consistency.

Villiera Tradition Brut paired with Miso Orange Ganache in Milk Chocolate

Miso ( Japanese fermented bean paste) brings a salty umami to the Ganache.

Made with fresh orange which we have reduced and cooked with the miso.

Villiera Monro Brut paired with Miso Caramel and Peanuts in Milk Chocolate

Miso brings a salty umami to the caramel.

It’s like a salted caramel but with a kick and depth of flavour.

Peanuts add to the Asian inspired caramel and round of the flavour. 

Villiera Tradition Brut Rosé with Ruby Rose Chocolate

Ruby has been dubbed the 4th chocolate, after milk, white and dark.

It’s the biggest innovation in chocolate in 82 years and was in development for 14 years.

Naturally pink and fruity, no added colourants or flavourings. 

The rose amplifies the ruby flavour without masking the delicate undertones.