Nothing like a bit of pressure to make a great MCC

Benguela Cove is really making an impact with the winery and their wines.  Their newest wine just released, their Cuvee58 MCC - is a fresh and crisp Sauvignon Blanc.   According to CellarMaster Johan Fourie, there are so many different clones and slopes at the estate, that the permutations for making Sauvignon Blanc could reach 340!  
The Cuvee58 MCC is likened to the production of a diamond, which is made under serious pressure which could have up to 58 facets, and with wine having so many elements in its make-up, and each undergoing serious pressure to carve its niche and reach its ultimate expression - it is a perfect name.
The label is elegant, clean, white, and slightly nautical as it falls into their Lighthouse range - a selection of fresh and fruity wines. 

I have not been out to Benguela Cove on the Bot River lagoon for about 18 months - and was blown away by their new restaurant, tasting room, shop, and freshly opened Tea Room.

Our delicious lunch at the launch was prepared by the Moody Lagoon Restaurant chef Annie Badenhorst, which was really stunning.  Fresh, unusual, and simple.  Fresh salmon sashimi, pulled pork terrine which was moist and scrumptious - and I am not usually one for terrines.

The lunch was also accompanied by their beautifully light pink Lighthouse SMV Rose - which I think will really sell well.  Johan introduced us to his regular tipple, the Moody Lagoon is quite Cab-driven - with a touch of Shiraz!), which we all liked.

Friday 30th Nov also was the launch of their spanking new tea-room, and our lunch was followed by a tea experience and small bite-size dessert tastes... really yum.  The teas come from Assam in India - selected by owner Penny Streeter, and proudly presented to us by the team in the tea-room.
I will not reveal all, but be prepared for some lovely surprises in the tea ceremony.

The Cuvee58 is available for sale in their bright and modern shop at the Estate - presented in beautiful little bags made by the NGO Themba Training - a part of Thembalitsha in the Helderberg - hand-sewn by ladies who have been specifically trained up in the area - and each bag personally labelled. They are really pretty and useful for the beach and you are doing a good deed too supporting a good cause. For more info - visit