Plenty of stories to tell at Old Road in Franschhoek

Craft Beer, Craft Gin, and Craft wine are really taking the world by storm. 
The Old Road Wine Co has created a wonderful crafty destination in Franschhoek, with farmyard, wine deck and Fat Man restaurant and more,just next to Franschhoek Cellars.  They have done plenty of work, and launched an extensive range of wines under the Old Road Wine umbrella, with each wine having a story to tell.
Franschhoek is of course the centre of all things French. The one which caught my eye was the Cinsault Pardonnez-Moi - named after Marie Antoinette, who, just before her execution, tripped over the executors foot and cried out 'Pardonnez-moi!' - meaning ''I'm sorry" or literally "forgive me" - you choose!

The labels and titles are delightful; from the Cape Blend 'Must with Meat' Butcher and Cleaver, to the Spotted Hound, so named because of the dog which hung about the town.  
You have plenty of great wines to choose from - The Smous - a lovely fresh Sauvignon Blanc, The Courier, The Fat Man, The Anvil and then the French Corner, which has 2 blends - a white and red... The red is Grenache-Noir, Mourvedre, Cinsault and Shiraz - unusual to have Cinsault in this classic French blend, and this was one of my favourites!

Their top end wines are more single vineyard and some sourced from Old Vines in Franschhoek. My best was the Semillon, which usually on its own can be overpowering but had such a good mouthfeel, I loved it. Pricey of course... but lovely!

Make your way to Franschhoek and have some fun with these wines on the Anemos deck, and enjoy a meal at The Fat Man restaurant.