Getting out of the hubbub of Stellenbosch into the hinterland of Worcester & Bergsig

I have been spending a lot of time 'Bo die Berg' of late - taking the N1 north and winding my way through the Breedekloof, Worcester and Robertson.
And still the roads are being worked on and still the traffic coming back through Stellenbosch is a nightmare at 5.30pm! 
But the freedom one feels once one heads north and comes out of the dark Huguenot tunnel if very enlightening, literally!  Lots of open space and surprising discoveries.

Bergsig is one of the farms which have been in one family - the Lategans - since 1843, and continue to produce great wines. They have a lovely Bistro which was bustling with lunch guests when I visited. The wine and food pairings looked yummy and I love their bold Tant Anna Chardonnay, Oom Prop Cabernet Sauvignon and Patmos wine labels.
The Tant Anna and Oom Prop were awarded 1st out of 20 wines by prestigious Wine of the Month Club, even before this Lategan Reserve Range was launched earlier this year. These wines will be available to the Wine of the Month Club's members.