The Mentors 'P' Party - Celebrating Perold, Pinotage & Petit Verdot

The Cathedral Cellar is a spectacular space to host parties and The Mentors range of KWV celebrated their 'P' Party there last week, accompanied by the most delicious lunch prepared by Chef Mynhardt Joubert and his team.  The 'P' continued to the food- Peas, Parmigiani and people having fun!

KWV are now putting the Perold Tributum - into The Mentors range which makes so much sense with Abraham Perold being the Pinotage Pioneer, and mentoring the entire wine industry over the years!

As it happened - I had just returned from Worcester after visiting the Silkbush winery between Worcester and Ceres, where the UCT Mountain Club start their Witels hike.  The farm is part-owned by American Dave Jefferson and South African Anton Roos (amongst others) and The Mentors Petit Verdot 2019 in fact comes from this award-winning farm. Their grapes are in great demand, especially as they are used for many top wineries; eg Guardian Peak for their Summit,  to Flagstone, who has consistently won ABSA Top 10 Awards for their Writer's Block.
I am a great fan of the Petit Verdots which we tasted... so keen to see what The Mentors 2019 brings!