Breedekloof really showing its colours at Silkbush Mountain Vineyards

The Breedekloof is slowly but surely raising its profile with their Breedekloof Makers Chenin campaign, but on a recent visit, discovered it is also great red wine country!
Kevin Kidson and I visited Dave Jefferson and his wife Catherine at Silkbush Mountain Vineyards - and the vineyards really are really on the mountainside.  Stunning sunsets against the mountain abound.  The last time I was that high up in the mountains was when I did the Witels Hike - in about 1980!  Keen mountaineers from the UCT Mountain & Ski Club will know the farm well - as the route up to their hut goes right through the farm.  The farm is situated just above Waboomsrivier Cellar, between Worcester and Ceres and they have a beautiful spot called Kingsbury Cottage (more of a lovely house than a cottage) which is available for rent - a perfect getaway.

Dave has been producing top quality grapes in Sonoma, California since the 70s and 25 years ago bought Silkbush Vineyards and partnered with then Vinpro consultant Anton Roos in South Africa to continue to produce excellent quality grapes - much of which is Pinotage which goes into the famed ABSA Top 10 Pinotage  - Writer's Block by Flagstone, which Bruce Jack identified many years back as a great vineyard. 
Anton showed off his vineyards to us in the setting sun with great pride and he is clearly doing a lot right , as his grapes also are highly sought after by many other wineries, viz Rickety Bridge, Guardian Peak and most recently the 2019 KWV Mentors Petit Verdot.