Sustainability is key at Backsberg, from labels to barrels

Backsberg is one of the classic wine farms which I remember way back in the 1980s & 90s. 
Simon Back is the current caretaker, with his dad, Michael, (though spending quite a bit of time travelling the world in an old Land Rover), still managing to assert his passion for sustainable living and farming.

The Back family sprouted three options when they reviewed their position in South Africa, namely: Evaporate, Emigrate or Participate! with Participation being the only viable option.

From recycling their steel from the tractor graveyard to ensuring their staff have a good education and title deeds to their own homes to re-using their older barrels for furniture, plates, ceilings, to vegan-friendly wines, they never stop looking at sustainable solutions.
The labels for their Tread Lightly are made from tree-free products and they are growing prickly pears to feed their new biogas generator due to arrive in July.  This will certainly help to get them off the grid and less reliant on Eskom.  A real #wineforgood story

I attended a gorgeous Harvest function at the beautiful farm near Paarl last week, where we followed the journey of the humble grape, from the vineyard to the back of the tractor and back to the cellar to be crushed.  Our journey ended with an autumnal harvest bounty served in the garden. During our lunch we were treated to a lesson in flower arranging by florist Storm Ross, owner of Holloway Florist. What a gentle way to enjoy the floral gems and then to make our own bouquet to take home.  I am not a natural flower arranger, but did manage to produce a gorgeous rose bouquet - the perfect gift for someone special.
Their winemaker Alicia Rechner took us through a tasting of their wines still in the tank. I must say I was blown away by the real green-pepper aromas of the Sauvignon Blanc, and look forward to the others when they finally hit the shelves.