Waterford Estate: The fountain, the chocolate, the people.

Once you visit Waterford Estate your mind starts planning the next visit including extended family and friends. My first experience at Waterford left such an impression, not just for the sheer pretty factor, but because of the welcoming aspect of the place. One of the tables close to where we were seated, sat a mother and son playing cards, it was Friday afternoon and an inspiring way to end the week.

Hop onto the winding road of Blaauwklippen in Stellenbosch and head straight for the fountain in the middle of a courtyard inside a stone villa, Mediterranean much? The fountain symbolizes Waterford Estate and is found on the fine Belgian chocolates that are specially crafted by Richard von Geusau which forms part of the chocolate and wine pairing. The fountain is also part of the wine and olive oil labels and represents the philosophy of co-owners Kevin Arnold and Jeremy Ord, 'less is more'. The Rock Salt Dark Chocolate paired with their Cabernet Sauvignon was my favourite of the three chocolate and wine pairings.  I found the Cabernet very robust on its own but the salt neutralizes the tannins, making it much smoother. So while enjoying some breadsticks and olive oil (well dunked) it felt like I was sitting in a painting and could only imagine the scenery changing as the seasons light dances with the colours reflecting off the mountain range overhead, guess where I will be playing cards with my son one sunny Friday afternoon!