Outing with the Franschhoek Wine Tram

What luck!

In only my third week at wine.co.za I've been treated to a great experience on the Franschhoek Wine Tram. We visited three farms: Rickety Bridge, Grande Provence and La Bri. Even if you've been on the tram before, the curated tour is the way to go. I enjoyed this experience with my girlfriend, along with two other couples, an American and Brit on honeymoon, and two travel bloggers from Peru.

Generally when I've attended a tasting tour we've visited five, maybe six farms. By the end of the day this can easily leave one feeling tired, irritable and in some cases, a little bit drunk. But when you tour only three, with a dedicated guide, you're given enough time to explore the feel of the estate, enjoy the wine, and, most importantly, to relax!

In my time working in a tasting room I saw too many groups with members who were fed up, or close to the end of their tether, simply because the overall experience tried to accommodate too much while emphasizing too little. My experience was nothing like that.

Rickety Bridge offers a view into the historic wealth of the region as well as the unique story of Paulina de Villiers, one of the pioneering women of Franschhoek and the namesake of Paulina's Restaurant on the property. Their cellar is a must-see with a distinct aroma of French Oak.

Where luxury and rusticism meet, Grande Provence begins. I've not seen a more simple, yet tasteful set of buildings that just exude the finer things. The interior did not disappoint, and as we were treated to a warm fire and an impeccable tasting selection, I needed almost to be dragged away afterward.

And then, La Bri.

La Bri is a boutique winery; they know exactly what they're about and they do it well. Their style is not to copy other wineries, but to offer intimacy and a tailored experience. Theirs was the only tasting to be paired, with either biltong, turkish delight or chocolate. The cherry on top of the experience was the delightful woman who conducted our tasting, whose good attitude was infectious, and made us laugh until we cried. A perfect end to a day of wine tasting.