Super Taster fun at the Tops Wine Show at Grand West in Cape Town

The team had fun on Saturday at the last chance to put their taste buds to the test to make the final cut for the 2019 South African Wine Tasting Championships. 

The Tops @Spar Wine Show in Cape Town hosted the Super Taster, (part of the SAWTC event) organised by Jean Vincent Ridon - and there was a considerable hubbub.  The last chance to make the finals for 21st July was hotly contested, and finally won by wine veteran Heidi Kritzinger, closely followed by Renet Strydom and Dr Gavin Smith.

The contestants Yoliswa Masekwana and Jamie-Lee Appolis (both PYDA graduates) did us proud as they worked their way through the wines on the list.. 

Sunday 21 July will see all the finalists sitting down seriously at the Taj Hotel in Cape Town - working through a theory exam as well as an entirely blind tasting to see who will make Team South Africa #TeamNederburg. The team will be fly to France in October - to participate in the World Blind Wine Tasting Champs.  Whoever makes the cut has a treat in store, as Jean Vincent knows the French wine industry like the back of his hand, and takes the team on a whirlwind winelands tour before the world champs - an unforgettable experience.

Good luck to all the finalists and keep your eye on for the announcement of the team!

Thanks to all the sponsors and supporters: Nederburg, and now also Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, who will afford the team great opportunities in the next year.