Red wine, Red mountains and Red meat are great partners

Roodeberg is celebrating their 70th year this year - quite an achievement.  The well-known and loved KWV brand has certainly etched itself in many minds over the decades

The Roodeberg team hosted some fortunate media at Carne on Keerom last week, with winemaker Louwritz Louw in attendance.  The restaurant scene in Cape Town has been struggling what with the downturn of the economy, so I take my hat off to restauranteur Georgio Nava who owns a number of good Italian restaurants - with Carne on Kloof, Carne on Keerom, 95 on Keerom (just across the road), and 95 at Morgenster. Our Carne on Keerom dinner was enjoyed with a splendid line-up of Dr Charles Niehaus Roodeberg from 2010, 2012, 2013 & 2016.

Fondly remembered as the father of Roodeberg, Dr Charles Niehaus was the master craftsman, who produced the first Roodeberg in 1949.  This was relatively soon after World War 2 ended, and this signature blend quickly became KWV's business card, starting with exports into Canada, and flourishing internationally, making it to the SAA Wine list 1989.

It took years before Roodeberg was available in South Africa - only making it to local shores in 2004!

2011 saw the first Dr Charles Niehaus red blend produced, selecting grapes from very special blocks of vineyards across the Western Cape - making relatively small quantities, especially made to honour the father of Roodeberg. I must say I have never seen a bottle with a bigger punt!  Does that say anything about the wine or winemaker?

Louwritz Louw - current winemaker of Roodeberg - took us through the 4 vintages - all but one which he had made.  We enjoyed these during the evening alongside  enjoyed with the beautiful and delicious meal prepared by Carne.