Allée Bleue , meaning ‘Avenue of Blue’

Allée Bleue is nestled at the foot of the Drakenstein Mountains in the Franschhoek Valley originally known as "Mere Rust" in 1690. The current owner Mr Friedrich-Wilhelm Dauphin and late Elke Dauphin bought the farm and changed the name to Allée Bleue , meaning ‘Avenue of Blue’ in French. The blue-green hues that appear on the bark and leaves of the eucalyptus trees symbolises the colour of peace and pays tribute to the blue planet, sky and water. The colour blue displays prominently throughout all that is Allée Bleue and runs like a vein through the decor, labels and the art on the estate. 

Allée Bleue is one of few farms that embraces a modern stance without losing the farm feel, there is so much happening on this working farm. Lovely accommodation, a herb nursery and of course award-winning wine is aplenty. Service is friendly and inviting.

I loved the idea behind the offerings at the Bistro, you can choose the same dish but as a salad, wrap or toastie. What fun!  During the summer months you can order a picnic for the family, the view is lovely and there is an abundance of space for the kiddies to play. I've always loved the blue-green hues of eucalyptus. Quiet, calming, and never boring!