Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate launches sculpture park and gallery

The sculpture park and gallery will be open for viewing from 1 October 2019, and the official launch on 26 October will unveil all 40 pieces, led by the work called Oblivion of the Waves with a formal introduction by Smit and Streeter. Internationally revered for his sculptures that often includes monumental pieces like heads and masks, his work grace public and private collections all over South Africa and the world, his latest 7-meter-tall piece acquired by the city council of Ghent in Belgium.

But his work also communicates something vulnerable and delicate, Smit explains.

“Oblivion of the Waves will suit its new home at Benguela Cove, so close to the sea. This work investigates the landscape of the soul, offering a fleeting glimpse of eternity. The dimness of our reflection in the mirror of the universe leaves us gasping for immortality as we sink into the abyss of the self.” Each work is accompanied by a poem or excerpt from a poem that reaches into Smit’s heart. “My work is driven by faith; the spiritual essence of every piece is an answer to that inner call...”

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