Benguela Cove, where movement matters

On a recent media jaunt we had some play time at Benguela Cove. I was most impressed by the staff who really live and breathe their brand. Their dedication is felt and their welcoming smiles are genuine. Benguela Cove is situated close to Hermanus and one hour from Cape Town. There really is a lot on the go at Benguela Cove from meeting the needs of a wine anorak, a foodie, kids seeking adventure, an art lover or a group of friends celebrating life. Monumental Sculptures from Anton Smit are scattered about; there is a call to movement much like the lick of the wind which is in continuous motion over the property.

There is no shortage of events that are lined up for the year into next. Which leaves no excuse not to allow for the staff to take you on a journey which might get you contemplating whether or not you would like to secure a plot bordering the Bot River lagoon. Who knows maybe you are lucky enough that the wind dies down just enough for you to motion a pontoon cruise.