A beautifully reinvented Haute Cabrière

25 years since the von Arnim family launched the iconic Haute Cabrière cellar, the winery has transformed into a world-class space for visitors to immerse themselves in the culture established by proprietor Achim von Arnim. The newly renovated space makes Haute Cabrière the ultimate belle femme of the Franschhoek Valley.

The renovation journey was aimed at building on the past 25 years, and setting the scene for the next. The primary focus was to keep the style very understated and accessible so as not to detract from both the natural environment or the experiences guests would have.

The most notable change at Haute Cabrière is the outdoor area which has been transformed and encapsulated in glass, with an expansive infinity deck, allowing guests to enjoy the different spaces, all year-round, while guaranteeing a spectacular view.

Haute Cabrière now offers a food and wine element from breakfast to dinner, and all the in-betweens! The brand-new deli and bakery with freshly baked artisanal fare, fresh produce from the vegetable garden, and condiments from the menu are on offer, enabling guests to take the Haute Cabrière experience home.