StreetSmart handovers in the winelands: Stellenbosch & Helderberg

StreetSmartSA is a very effective organisation in that all the money it raises through its R5 donations from establishments goes straight back into the community it servez, namely vulnerable children. Their focus is not just on those children who are already at risk but work in environments which are preventative.  The Pebbles Project works with farm children and families and the money raised through the Stellenbosch contributors goes directly to their After School Club Programme, where they ensure that children are engaged and stimulated in a creative and active way, thus preventing the possibility of children being on the street. They offer homework help, art, soccer, drama, movement, surfing and much more.

This the first year that has been contributing which we do through sales from our Online Shop. Customers are asked to contribute (voluntarily), when they check out. 

I was rather shocked to see that in the Helderberg there are only 2 contributing participants, being and Waterkloof restaurant, which is rather appalling. At least Stellenbosch has a few more but we could do with many more. There is simply no reason not to be a participant.

It is such a easy process and it also makes patrons of restaurants and tasting rooms feel that they are making a difference in South Africa, by adding a minimum of R5 to their bill. What could be easier and more effective?  Tell your friends and family - and be a StreetSmart activist - ask your favourite restaurant why they are not members.

The deserving recipients in the Helderberg are the ACVV Bright Lights organisation, and in Stellenbosch: The Pebbles Project, Home from Home and Stellumthombo

So - the challenge is on - let's get every restaurant in the winelands on board - so that we can really up the ante to make a significant difference in the lives of children at risk in our very unequal society.