Winetech 2020 Study Groups

The Winetech 2020 study groups are usually presented from June until end of August each year, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic and strict lockdown regulations which applied from end of March 2020, the programme was rescheduled until later.

Back: Johannes Motobuli (Wildekrans)
Middel: vlnr Westly Arends (Villion Family Vineyards) Hendriko Smith (Villion) Jouniery Jonkers (Beaumont Wines)
Front: vlnr Rowayne Theunis (Beaumont Wines) Isabelle Mans (Wildekrans) Haven Smith (Villion Family Wines)

From the beginning of September 2020, the Winetech study groups 1 and 2 were presented in the participating areas to groups of not more than 20 cellar assistants. The tasting of faulty wines and the evaluations, which determine the Top-Ten candidates, were cancelled to minimize possible risks.

In some of the participating areas, such as the Olifants River, the Winetech 2020 study groups were presented and concluded at the individual cellars. Multi-lingual sessions were presented to cellar teams, to reach as many cellar assistants possible, bearing in mind the strict regulations, which apply to the Winetech study groups.

During the first study group alcoholic fermentation was discussed. Aspects such as the influence of the different factors on alcoholic fermentation; different types of yeasts; spontaneous and inoculated fermentation, as well as different forms and preparation of pure culture yeasts; different yeast nutrients and other additives were included.

The second Winetech study group focussed on the control and monitoring of alcoholic fermentation; normal, sluggish and stuck fermentation, as well as alcoholic fermentation problem solving. Safety practices during alcoholic fermentation were included in the sessions.

During the third Winetech study group different lactic bacteria; factors influencing malolactic fermentation (MLF); desirable and undesirable MLF, as well winemakers’ decisions were discussed. Spontaneous and inoculated MLF and the monitoring thereof, were included in the presentation. The third Winetech 2020 study group concluded with information on secondary fermentation.

Notes were available to cellar assistants in Afrikaans, English and Xhosa and participation is free of charge to cellars in the wine industry.

Front: Rowayne Theunis (Beaumon tFamily Wines), Johannes Motobuli (Wildekrans), Wesley Arends (Villion Family Wines)
Back: Hendriko Smith (Villion Family Wines), Jounieri Jonkers (Beaumont Family Wines), Haven Smith (Villion Family Wines), Evan Williams (Wildekrans)