Winetech 2021 Study Group 3 - Riebeek Valley Wine Co

The Winetech 2021 study groups developed cellar assistants’ knowledge in a practical and holistic manner and added value to the careers of the participants. Qualitied winemakers presented Afrikaans and multi-lingual study groups in the participating districts.

The number of participants in the study groups were limited due to Covid-regulations and cellars had to confirm the names of the participants before the sessions. Participation in the Winetech study groups is free of charge and all cellar assistants, including illiterate individuals were welcome to attend.

Participating cellars received notes, attendance registers, confirmation of attendance letters (instead of certificates), as well as confirmation of the financial value of the study groups. The names of the participants were loaded onto the industry LMS-data basis. A voluntary evaluation after each study group determined the annual Top Ten candidates.

During the 3rd and last study groups participating cellar assistants had the opportunity to learn more about wine faults, microbial spoilage, and unacceptable quality characteristics of wine. Participants had the opportunity to observe and compare faulty wines with a control wine. Examples of wine faults, i.e., oxidation, stagnant water contamination and volatile acid were observed. Participants were not allowed to taste the wines.