Winetech Study Groups - Achievers in the Category 70% to 79%

Cellar assistants participating in the Winetech 2021 study groups learned about post-fermentation processes, which included lees contact and clarification of young wines with fining agents and filtration. Maturation, stabilisation and blending, as well as bottling and packaging of wines were also discussed. Participants had the opportunity to learn more about wine faults and microbial spoilage, unacceptable quality characteristics of wine, as well as sensorial identification of wine faults.

This year it was decided to acknowledge a larger group of cellar assistants and to announce achievers in two categories, namely a category for individuals who achieved an average mark of 80% and above and a second category for achievers, who achieved an average mark of between 70% and 79%. The names of the cellar assistants in the two categories are listed in random order.

Achievers in the Category 70% to 79%

  • Haven Smith, Villion Family Wines
  • Danwill Arries, Eenzaamheid
  • Naithan Renato Adams, Morgenster
  • Godfrey Josiah, La Motte
  • Jonovan Van Niekerk, La Motte
  • Charmaine Arendse, Esona
  • Nkosana Dube, La Bri
  • Jan Selon, Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons
  • Nkosekhaya Tshansthane, Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons
  • Charles Matlakala, Stellenzicht Wines
  • Joinery Jonkers, Beaumont Family Wines
  • Riedewaan Hendricks, Bosman Adama
  • Charles Botha, Slanghoek Wynkelder
  • Quinton Elias, Warwick Wines
  • Conroy Kouter, Waterkloof Wines
  • Roelien Harolds, Waterkloof Wines
  • Desroy Jafta, Neethlingshof
  • Richard Willemse, Keimoes, Orange River Cellars
  • Adolf Witbooi, Kakamas, Orange River Cellars
  • Benedict Booysen, Kakamas, Orange River Cellars

Winetech congratulates cellar assistants on their excellent achievements!