Platters 2022 - book launch at Kleine Zalze - Black is the new Black

It has been 2 years since the last Platter event, 2 significant years in the world of wine with all the lockdowns and alcohol bans.

So it was a treat to be out in the sunshine and fresh air at the lovely Kleine Zalze, who in fact are still basking in their 2021 Winery of the Year award. 

"It is like a 'sprokiesverhaal'' says RJ Botha" as he congratulated all those at the event.

The big colour reveal of the elusive Platter's Guide was not spots but BLACK!  Black is the new black it seems - it was last black in 2010!

  • Congrats to Sadie Family Wines, who had every single of their wines achieve 5 stars, and of course it made them perfect for the WINERY OF THE YEAR award.
  • Next up was Spier - Philip van Zyl's Editor's Award - received by Frans Smit
  • And the Newcomer Winery of the Year went to the effervescent Jolette Steyn from The Vineyard Party