Cork and Conversation at Waterford Estate

Waterford Estate invited me to a Cork and Conversation session and when arriving was greeted by friendly staff with a glass of bubbly. When all the guests arrived we moved to the cellar where assistant winemaker Jamie Papenfus gave us a rundown of how things work. We then moved to the small barrel room where we tasted the Waterford Chardonnay 2023.

We were then taken through to the main barrel room where we were treated to 2 flights of wine. Farm manager David van Schalkwyk gave us some insightful information about the vineyards, soil types, and how he and the winemaker work with nature to make the best wines.

Next, David took us on a Wine Drive Safari of the vineyards showing us the different blocks and where they were situated and explained how weather, location, soil types, and cultivars all with their special characters made up the different wines.

When arriving back at the tasting room, we were spoiled with amazing platters put together by the SALT team which we enjoyed with the Waterford Estate Grenache 2021.

Overall an amazing experience and a must-visit.