A harvest at Reyneke Wines

A harvest reflection from Johan: “Every year, harvest is the culmination of our farming activities here on the farm. I always have mixed feelings when it comes to an end. It’s a bit like running a race and reaching the finishing line. It’s good to do so; there’s a sense of relief but also some sadness that the race and all the preparations that go with it are over.
Regardless, harvest 2024 was a good one. The farm received plentiful rain during the winter and spring months, and the vines were very happy for it. We were kept busy managing the growth and channelling all the vines’ energy in the right direction, and I think we did a great job. The yields were up across the board, yet we managed to balance this with suckering techniques to maintain the levels of quality we’ve ascribed to.
Finally, a big thank you from my side to both the vineyard and cellar teams. They had their hands full and did an excellent job. I feel privileged to be part of such a great collective.”