Launch of the Jack Journal Volume 3 with Bruce Jack Wines

Celebrating the release of the Jack Journal, Volume 3, was a special gathering of people of all walks of life, sharing a love for art and wine. The launch event took place at Yumcious Cafe in Green Point, Cape Town, on Tuesday 14 June.

Bruce Jack, English literature whizz and legendary winemaker, said he was asked to describe what the magazine was about on the cover and he settled with: art, adventure, music, history, food, poetry, beer, social upliftment, surfing and wine. It really does touch on all of those things in a beautiful way. If you want to treat yourself toa print magazine, the Jack Journal is one of those special collectible magazines.

"Jack Journal was born of an intense desire to find meaning in things and to explore this chaotic thing called life.  It is not trying to be idealistic or superior. It is naturally inclusive and not dumbed down - which is precisely how we make wine. Jack Journal is reflective of the signposts along this wine journey that point to delicious wanderings, often resulting in revelation, offering solace and adding joy - and these are the same reasons we craft wine. " - Bruce